Lathe Accent Wall

I wanted to add some serious “hello” type character to our tiny dining room, and found a picture(here) that inspired me.  I LOVE the look of well-done pallet walls and pallet furniture, but let’s be honest, it’s getting to be a liiiittle overdone, right? Then I saw the lathe!  If you aren’t familiar, lathe is small wood strips that are used behind plaster walls. I a firm believer in reclaiming, reusing and recycling, but I had a really hard time finding any old lathe locally.  So, off to Home Depot I went. Lathe comes in bundles for around $12. I think I used three for this wall.



So here’s a brief run down of the process. If you want more deets or have questions, feel free to message me below. 🙂 Because I wanted a rustic-meets-industrial look in this area, after a brief sand, I took a hammer and a couple nails to destruct the wood a little.  I hammered the sides of screws. nailed and removed nails, impressed nail-heads, and just smacked it with a hammer to get a bit more of a used look.  Then I used various stains to treat the wood.  I’m not 100% cracked on the colors I used, but it works.  After this, per my husband’s advice, we made horizontal chalk lines at various places throughout the wall. This kept me on track as I worked my way up, so that I didn’t end up crooked (good call, hubs!). We also chalked some vertical lines where studs were, so that I nailed the piece of lathe into at least one stud. I didn’t want my work falling off!  I used a nail gun to nail each piece of lathe on to the wall, and a miter saw to cut the end pieces. It went fairly quickly. I had to be sure to stagger my different colors of lathe since I used various stains, but other than that it was just nail, nail, nail, cut. I’m pretty happy with the result!

I finished the room with a great over-sized, industrial pendant light from Ikea, and some taboret chairs from Overstock. Most of my frames and mirrors were thrift store finds.



And of course, I have to include the “before” picture. It’s quite strange, really.  Stone wall, no fireplace. Carpeted closet in the dining room?  I love that I can change whatever I want, and be as creative as I want!  If you are interested in home ownership and live in the Colorado Springs area, go here or go to Seth’s Facebook page!

Hope this has inspired you to let loose and be creative as you design your home!



The Kitchen is FINISHED… (ish)

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