DIY String Art Map

IMG_7124We recently put new hardwood flooring throughout our main level. By “we” I mean my husband and some of our amazing friends.  “We” also tore out a large built-in in the middle of our living area, and had to refinish some drywall. Neither of these projects are complete, and could be considered a bit of an eye sore.  I decided that despite those projects, I needed a DIY (for me: DIY therapy). *Enter DIY string art project.* I’ve loved string art since we moved into our first Colorado house in 2011. I printed off some large block letters and made a “WASH  DRY” sign with colorful string and galvanized nails for our laundry room.  It was pretty cute if I do say so myself.  I decided that that single, small project qualified me to create a massive string art world map for our new home.  🙂  Truthfully, string art is fairly simple, but can require lots of TIME.  For this project, it did indeed.

The supply list was simple:

Large Map


Weather-strip Nails


Painter’s Tape

Embroidery String ( I used grey)

First off, I decided where I would like to create it. Since I didn’t use a board or similar material, I needed to be certain since I wouldn’t be able to move it.  Next, I hung my map using painter’s tape and a level. It would be so sad to do all of the work to end up with a crooked map, so I highly recommend NOT skipping that step. Now, it’s time to get to work. Make a LARGE cup a joe, and let’s go!

I used a sharpie to mark the spots on the map I would be putting nails.  I drew a guide with the spacing size I wanted on my thumb to help things move a little faster.  When going around small countries, I did closer spacing to maintain the shape.  I skipped small islands, and didn’t get ridiculously detailed.

After my spots were marked, I used small copper weatherstrip nails and nailed them into each of my marked spots.  I used a small stool for higher portions to help keep my nails straight.    IMG_6579

Once the nails were in I took pictures of each section with my phone.  When you remove the map, the borders can get confusing.  Picture references really help.  I tore off the map one continent at a time, and strung it before moving on.

IMG_6588 2

To add the string, I tied the end to a nail, and cut off the excess. Then I randomly wrapped the string across and around nails until I achieved the look I desired.  After I completed a section, I simply tied it off like I started it.  I tried stringing in a pattern initially but wasn’t happy with the effect.


I may add more string to sections in the future, but overall I’m really happy with how it turned out!

String art is endless fun!  I whipped together a string art arrow in like 10 minutes the other day by staining a scrap piece of pallet, and eye-balling the nails.  You can really make it as simple or intricate as you want.

If you live in the Colorado Springs area, and are looking for a home with a wall to pound a million holes into (hehe), check out my husband’s facebook page!  He would love to help you find a home to make lovely!


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