Living Large …as in 10 lbs over weight with 6 kids

That’s right. We are currently the proud parents of 6 kiddos. Six kids that are ages 10 and under. We received a call from our foster agency a week ago from a worker desperately looking for a home for a 10 month old boy. “For a few days,” they said. “Until he goes to be with a relative,” they said. Oh, the drama of foster care. You just never know what twists and turns are ahead. Until we know, I get to love on an adorable, ½ Polynesian, chunk of cuteness. People act like I’m Wonder Woman when I walk into Target with a baby in a carseat, a baby on my hip, and a couple more hanging on to me. I mean, HOW, do I do it, right? LOL! Noooo super powers. Not even great biceps.  How does anyone do hard things? Here’s the secret: I just do it.

There are books, blogs, sermons, and stories dedicated to this very subject, but I believe it’s simple. I can even lay in out in two very easy steps… maybe even use unnecessary alliteration… (*insert telemarker voice*) You too, can do difficult things. Just follow my two simple steps.

  1. Know the destiny God has formed inside of you.
  2. Be brave. No really, jump.

…Ok, no alliteration.

You can skip the rest of this blog if you are like me, and don’t have a ton of time for details. Just do those, ok? ;P

I’m just going to dive into those two ideas.

  1. Know your destiny. If you don’t know, ask the Holy Spirit to guide you as you ask yourself a few questions. What makes you tick? What are you passionate about? What makes you cry? What makes you angry? Where do you want to spend your time and energy? What has God spoken to you regarding your future? Once you know, start moving towards it. There are some out there who believe that the path is so narrow that if you don’t watch, pray, fast, hear specific words from God on when and exactly how your calling should “play out.” I don’t buy it. I believe that God leads us through a narrow door (Jesus) to a wide place (narrow is the road that LEADS to life). God LOVES to watch your creativity and passions in action. As you are obediently submitted to him, he more than able to give you the course correction you need. For some of you just the freedom of being afraid of “missing it” or the freedom to dream is enough to set you soaring. For the rest of us, there’s number two.


  1. Be brave. Be willing. Just jump. There are a lot of people out there who know what God has called them to do, but they seem to be waiting for the perfect scenario to step into their passion and calling. Just a little secret for you: there is never a perfect time. There is always something. God likes to stretch us to fit our situations, rather than stretch our situation to fit what we think we need. When we began our journey in foster care, we had just downsized to a smaller home with two bedrooms on the main level and one in the basement. We had three girls of our own. We ended up turning our sunroom into a large bedroom for our three girls, moving Seth and I to a very tiny bedroom that barely fit our queen sized bed. This allowed our second bedroom upstairs to be available for foster kids. Our first placement was for a sibling group of 3, so talk about stretching!  So many of us think that we are willing to do something, but then we hesitate, and then–shoot! Missed that opportunity. Then we second guess next time, and–SHOOT! Missed it again. …I’ve learned that if I’m looking for a spotlight, I’m going to face some serious problems and challenges walking in my destiny, but if I’m simply looking to shine, opportunities abound. So, I want to encourage to be aware of what you are going to dive into, but don’t let it scare you or stop you.


If you are having trouble dreaming, or finding your passions, I would invite you to pray this with me:

Lord, I’m ready to go on an adventure with you. Where do you want to take me? Please birth your dreams in me, and show me what you have made me to do.

If you are having trouble diving into your destiny, consider praying this with me:

Lord, thank you for the vision you have put inside of me. I submit to you, and know that you have good plans for me. I tell all fear that I am no longer walking with you, and you are no longer welcome to stop me from the plans that God has in store for me. I chose today to be brave… even if the water temperature isn’t perfect. In Jesus Name, AMEN!


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