Sunshine and Rain…and weeds

I had a mental picture a few weeks ago. It was one of those thoughts that felt like heaven was drawing close and trying to whisper to you. In this picture I was standing in my patch of front yard on our suburban cul de sac looking up to the sky. There was a rain shower ending, the clouds were parting, and the sun began to shine through. As soon as the sense of refreshment had settled in, I looked down and saw them. Dozens of weeds started shooting up out of the ground rising well above the grass, and making my yard look disgraceful.

The end.

Um, can I just stick to the clouds breaking and the pleasant sunshine beating down on my grinning face? Maybe skip the weed part? No? Well, ok but I’m not sure the HOA approves of that picture, Holy Spirit.

My immediate thought was, “Oh, God. Ugh. I need to get to work, and clean up this MESS before anyone sees.” Later I went back to the picture and asked the Lord to show me more. He showed me himself down on His knees, carefully pulling the weeds. Then it hit me. I was never meant to do the work.  The shame! The embarrassment!  But I felt the Holy Spirit nudging me… If I chose to be humble, the Lord will use my weaknesses and my process. He will receive glory.

Philippians 1 tells us that God is continuing to lead us towards perfection until the day of Christ’s return. The work being done in us calls for our trust, our humility, and our surrender. As we simply present ourselves to God for his hand to mold and form us, we are offering our worship to him. There is no striving. Face it, our striving is pretty pathetic compared to what he has done and is doing. So, let’s rest as He works. Let’s love and praise our maker as we watch him receive glory through the lives of his kids.


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