The Kitchen is FINISHED… (ish)



When we bought our mid-century ranch, we knew the kitchen was in dire need of a makeover.  The cabinets where original. I loved the style and finish, but they were warped and worn beyond repair. The appliances were super old. The linoleum was, well, linoleum.

When we plan to remodel, there are three things that help me make a decision:

1. Style: I’m particular about what I like and don’t like (as are most of us)

2. Price: If it ain’t on sale, this lady ain’t interested.

3. Uniqueness: I want it to reflect us, not the latest HGTV episode.

Getting these three things to come together is often a process, and sometimes doesn’t happen.  There have been multiple times where I get worn out from the process and just do whatever is easiest to complete it.  Hopefully that doesn’t happen too often in this house.

After much shopping, we determined that the most affordable cabinet options could be found at Ikea (since we would be installing them).  Seth was a little hesitant due to Ikea’s lack of quality with some of their products. Since they offer a 25 year warranty, we decided to take our chances.

Their cabinets were relatively easy to install.  They came with detailed instructions and a DVD.  I was impressed with the finish.  I was concerned that they might nick easily, but the white foil finish is tough.  The damper system in the doors and drawers is awesome and easy to install as well.  The lazy susans have Ikea’s signature modern look. I should mention that we were able to find some cabinets in Ikea’s “As-Is” room and saved HUNDREDS of dollars.  Yay!

Thanks to an amazing deal on Amazon (love my prime membership!!), we bought a high quality, GORGEOUS stainless hood for around $150 (regularly over $300!). We also snagged a great deal on appliances at Lowe’s. We have found that Lowe’s usually has the best prices on appliances when you compare apples to apples.

We wanted solid surface counter tops because it really raises the value of your home.  We originally were going to order acrylic counters.  We had these in our last home, and I liked them.  Granite and Quartz look so pretty, but I was afraid of the maintenance that comes a long with them.  And what if you crack it?? Yikes! Plus, I feel like it’s so… fancy…and expensive.  When we went to order our acrylic counter we discovered that it would take weeks for it to come in. I didn’t think I could be without counters that long (which I ended up being without counters WAY longer in the end).  So what did we do?  Granite, despite my strong sentiments (it was one of those I-just-want-something moments.  We found a company that made Lazy Granite. They made large 24″ tiles of granite with bullnose attached.  You can but the tiles up against each other so the seams are quite small.  Overall, I’m pretty happy with the results.  If I had it to do over again, I would do acrylic simply because of the color options. But I think it looks great. And the price!! –> We spent around $500 for everything, a fraction of what solid acrylic or granite would have cost.

Our kitchen is now pretty, has tons more counter space, and is super functional for our family.  It just goes to show you don’t need a ton of space if you can make a space that is really functional.

Eventually we will put the microwave in the pantry for added counter space and a cleaner appearance. I was also somewhat sad to lose the window into the sunroom, but without it we were able to add another cabinet. We have to finishout the back of the cabinets under the bar too. Ikea wanted to sell us a finish piece for over $100, but we’ll be able to do it much less expensively with drywall.

Overall, I’m pretty happy with how it turned out! What do you think?


I’m really enjoying the renovation process so far.  It’s wonderful to be able to let your creativity run wild.  And adding equity to our home is a very nice bonus!

If you are interested in home ownership in the Colorado Springs area, check out my husbands webpage! He’s not only handsome, but is an amazing, integerous realtor who works hard for his clients.  It’s a great time to buy! …and it’s really fun to be able to tear out a wall or two! 😛


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